Quality Tip-Ups Are Necessary For Ice Fishing Success

Fishing on the ice can be pleasant and rewarding with the right equipment. Using the right ice auger, fishing pole, tip-up, line, reel, and wearing the proper clothing is all part of ice fishing success. Let’s face it, if are not comfortable, you will not enjoy the ice fishing experience. If you don’t have the proper equipment, or good working equipment, you may not have success or very much fun!

The Tip-Up is necessary in my mind because it allows you to fish in numerous spots all at the same time. I start with three holes in the ice and three tip-ups all positioned about 30 to 40 feet or more from each other so you are fishing different areas of the lake at one time rather than sitting at one spot with a fishing pole. I like to sit in one spot jigging with a fishing pole while keeping an eye out for all the tip-ups, so I’m actually fishing 4 spots all at the same time, increasing my chances of catching fish greatly. Be careful not to place the tip-ups to far away from where you are going to be. You need to make sure you are able to get there quick enough when you get a bite.

As far as tip-ups go, use good quality equipment because you don’t want problems out on the ice after going through all the trouble of drilling holes and getting your gear all together not to mention the walk to your favorite spots. I use the Beaver Dam tip-up from the Arctic Fisherman. This tip-up has been around for more than 60 years! Its quality is second to none. I have discovered that fisherman and women who buy a Beaver Dam tip-up are educated about the sport of ice fishing and aware of its quality craftsmanship, traditions, and fish catching ability. Unlike most other tip-ups the Beaver Dam tip-up is totally repairable if something does go wrong with it. Everything is repairable on the Beaver Dam Tip-up. The Arctic Fisherman company, who makes the tip-up re-grease about 1,000 tip-ups per season with a freeze proof lubricant that is still a family secret to this day. This lubricant works better than anything else on the market.
The Beaver Dam tip up is a solid brass, flag-holding, spin-trigger that is tapered on one end to release the flag rod after the lightest of bites, which means you want to make sure you are not to far away so you can set the hook quickly. Plus it also features anti-wind slots for breezy conditions, and to slow down the action for heavier strikes. The spin trigger rod is supported by an aluminum bearing and a seamless steel tube filled with freeze-proof lubricant. The underwater mechanism consists of a snag-proof free running spool topped by a heavy duty solid brass line guide designed to eliminate drag by swinging into the direction of the strike and yet heavy enough to prevent unwinding by the live bait.

This may sound like an endorsement of this product because it is. This is the best quality tip-up on the market and with factory support! Go Ice Fishing and take a child with you. Here is a DNR website that gives you a list of everything you need to go ice fishing.